HYMC Penfield Group Adds Pollinator Gardens to Penfield Recreation/Library Grounds at 1985 Baird Rd

Healthy Yards Penfield has partnered with our town Parks and Recreation and Penfield Public Library to plant, maintain and offer educational programs around the benefits of native plants for our pollinators and birds. Classes will be offered in the fall around Nature Friendly Fall Clean Up Practices. In January of 2024 we will again offer the popular “Art of Native Seed Sowing” Class and “Designing a Native Plant Garden” for those interested in learning more. Below are PowerPoints of the Sunny Garden Design and the Shade Garden Design and the plants that have been included in both. Each has its own PowerPoint Presentation. As of 7/24/2023, both gardens now have name tags for the plants within each garden.

To help water the gardens, click here.

Healthy Yards Monroe County Penfield would like to thank Rob Salerno for making these name tags. Thank you, Rob!

Sunny Pollinator Garden at the Penfield Recreation Center.

Pen Rec Sunny Garden 2023 2


Shade Pollinator Garden at the Penfield Recreation Center.

Pen Rec Shade Garden II 2023 Full Page Slides


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