Native Plant Sellers

Native plants are a wonderful addition to your yard. Knowing where to get them and what to get is half the battle. We want to give this list to you so that you can be aware of where native plants can be bought. None of the businesses on the list asked us to put them on here for advertising reasons. We are just sharing information regarding what our efforts found. We want you to also know that larger or big-name nurseries also have “native” sections. However, that can be misleading. When you visit these stores and those sections, be aware that plants that have English names next to their Latin names are likely to be a cultivar rather than the true native species. Cultivars are modified in several ways to appeal to humans and are likely to be less useful, nutritious, and/or accessible to pollinator insects.

Many of these nurseries are small businesses. We recommend that you call these places first before visiting them. They may have irregular hours or be season dependent or their stock may be low.

  1. Amanda’s Native Garden; 8030 Story Rd, Dansville NY 14437; 585-750-6288
  2. White Oak Nursery; 4350 Kipp Rd, Canandaigua NY 14424; 315-789-3509
  3. Plantsmen Nursery; 482 Peruville Rd, Groton NY 13073; 607-533-7193 (Near Ithaca)
  4. Redmont Nursery; 48 Eastland Ave, Rochester NY 14618; 585-406-0296